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Katherine Romrell

Our "High School Musical Ready" Pose. Total inside joke from when we were in high school!

Our "High School Musical Ready" Pose. Total inside joke from when we were in high school!


PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Roxana Baker | Instagram
Hair by: Kayloni at Mandie Sue Salon
Makeup by me
Dress: Here | Chris' Suit: Here | Leo's Suit: Here

My family is Eternal!
I am not one to talk much about religion. Not because I am ashamed or anything like that. I am LDS (AKA Mormon) and I am proud to be. However, I believe that religion is an extremely personal subject. But on such a special occasion like our Temple Marriage, how could I not share?!

Chris & I were Civilly Married on the Provo Orchard grounds on August 14th, 2015. A year later with our son, we went to the LDS Temple where we had a "Celestial Marriage", a ceremony we refer to as a Sealing. Through this ceremony, we believe that we can be together after this lifetime for Time & Eternity!

Oh you guys, we waited to be sealed in the Temple for a whole year! Actually, we waited longer! As some of you know, I was married once before and the process of getting a Temple Marriage annulled was a very lengthy one! But we made it and we did it!!!! 

Our Temple day couldn't have gone more perfect! As they were sealing Chris & I, my heart was racing and I was just so excited! I couldn't believe that I was getting sealed to the man I had been dreaming of for so long! To top it off, once they brought in our son to get sealed to us, all dressed in white looking like a true prince, I lost it! And as they say, there were no dry-eyes in the room. It was truly such a special moment.

Leo was 2 months at the time and he slept through the whole thing, but he sure made this moment feel so so unreal! Many people suggested we get sealed while we were pregnant and before Leo arrived but I wanted Leo physically present in the room with us and I am so so glad we waited for him! 

I absolutely love the Teachings of the LDS Church! I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be or ever be. I have made my long and deep share of mistakes, and I know that I will make more mistakes in this life. However, I know that Heavenly Father loves all of us and through His Atonement, we can be forgiven and start new. Life is not perfect, nor is it meant to be, but striving to Be Like Christ has brought knowledge, comfort, and happiness to me.

You can learn more about Mormons and The Teachings of the LDS Church HERE

PS: HUGE shout out to Roxana Baker Photography. Our usual photographer, Who shall remain nameless because she is still amazing, had to run out of town! I stalk Roxana's Photography and I asked her about a week before and she came and delivered!!!! She was a dream to work with and so fun! And a HUGE shout out to Kayloni at Mandie Sue Salon. This awesome girl worked on my hair for hours and made it look so dreamy. And even though the wind was crazy that day and it even started to rain a bit, my hair cooperated! Great girls to work with!