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Katherine Romrell


Tada! Leo's Room Reveal!
This is just the first stage cause there is a lot that I want to add and change! Anyways, that's not what you are here for ;)

Lots and LOTS of you have asked me about my Owlet Monitor! I'm here to spill!

This is the best thing that was ever invented and I am so freaking thankful for this kind of technology. If you've heard about the Owlet Monitor, you know that it monitors your baby's Heart Rate and Oxygen Level. The Owlet monitor uses hospital technology, and it is designed to alert you of changes in Heart or Oxygen readings. For someone who is deathly scared of SID stories, It doesn't get better than the Owlet Monitor.

Little Leo naps in his room by day and sleeps in our room at night. And that little cute monitor sock follows him when his eyes are closed! The monitor is our side-kick and i'll tell you why. Leo struggles with crazy Acid Reflux. It's so heartbreaking to watch. On top of that, Leo is the kind to suffer in silence. We realized this during our stay at the hospital! There we were... laying in bed, watching TV and I decided to get up and check on him in his little hospital bassinet and he was choking on his own puke!!! I felt all of the blood leave my body and immediately started crying! I was so mad and scared that-that happened plus i'm sure Postpartum hormones did not help! Coming home from the hospital to find the Owlet Monitor on our doorstep was truly heaven-sent.

At our place, we sleep with a light fan in our room, and though his starter-crib is literally right next to me, I sometimes don't hear him. *BREIF INTERMISSION* Yes, you do develop mommy senses and mommy ears when your baby arrives! BUT when you've had a horrible C-section, a long and hard recovery at the hospital, several infections once at home, plus very few hours of sleep cause of Newborn baby, those super mommy senses are only human too. And though Hubby is great, husbands still sleep like husbands! There were one too many nights where the monitor woke us up, and i'd look over at Leo (again, crib right next to me) and he'd be choking on his own vomit! I still get chills thinking about it!

You guys, your baby might arrive just perfect! Baby might have the best digestive system, no health problems, etc, and you might have a dream delivery to help with recovery and all the long nights ahead of you... but it's better to be safe with little ones. Always.