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Katherine Romrell

Robe C/O Pink Blush Maternity
Photography by @Chris_Romrell


Remember when I was freaking out about my hospital bag? Well, ironically it is now the most popular question I have gotten! "What did you end up packing in your hospital bag?!" 

First off, you should know that I took the minimalistic route which is totally not like me! Like, I cant even pack a small weekender bag. I always pack more because "Just in case". But in this case, I decided I wanted to be simple about it and it worked out for the best! 
I broke it down in two lists for you! Mom-Haves and Baby-Haves!


This was THE BEST thing I packed!  I lived in my robe the whole time. Nurses come in and check on you all the time, and you are constantly trying to nurse so it makes it so much easier to just be in a robe. If your experience is anything like mine and you have to be kept on an IV, they prefer for you to stay in a hospital gown or a robe either way. Plus, you automatically look decent for visitors! My robe is from Pink Blush Maternity.

Loose Sweats
I packed leggings but leggings would have been ideal if I didn't have to have had a C-section. Leggings sat tight on my incision so I ended up wearing no pants. I think it's better to be safe and prepare for both case scenarios. Go for some cute loose sweatpants.

Casual Dress or Tunics
Luckily I packed tunics for tops. This might even be a better option than loose sweat-pants. You will literally want as little  clothing touching you from the waist down.

Sports bras
I packed sports bras and nursing bras but only ended up using my sports bras. I got THIS kind which made it nursing friendly too because the straps are convertible and they were easy to just pull down. They are also wireless so it made it comfy to sleep in.

Adult Diapers/Depends
You read that correctly. The mesh underwear and dog training pads they give you are a joke. You will feel so uncomfortable. So many of my girlfriends suggested Depends. I packed a package, and I wasn't really planning on using them but after trying the mesh underwear+hospital pads, I jumped on the adult diaper wagon. 

Personal Products
Lip balm, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Deodorant, Facewash, Moisterizer, Razor, Lotion, Shampoo + Conditioner, Hair spray, Hair Ties, Hair Brush. All in mini-travel size.  
If you are planning to nurse: Nipple cream and nursing pads

Cozy Blanket
One for you and one for hubby cause the hospital ones suck.


Lots of onesies. I didn't like the ones that the hospital provided because they were just shirts, not onesies and they fit weird.

Mittens, Socks & Beanies.
It's true, babies come with nails so those mittens are yours and your baby's friend. And socks and beanies are to help keep them warm.

Baby Lotion and Diaper Cream.
Baby's skin is so dry at first because of the amniotic fluid. Leo had raw cracks the 2nd day! And diaper cream for their little bums.

Going Home Outfit & Blanket
The hospital provides receiving blankets while you are there but you are gonna want your own for when you take baby home. And a Going-home outfit cause, why not?!


Phone Chargers
Camera + Charger
Play Station or Laptop [For Hubby & Netflix]

Though this list may seem crazy small, the hospital will provide everything else! Diapers, Pillows, socks, Booger bulb, pacifier, baby wipes, baby shampoo, bottle + formula, breast pump, was all provided during our hospital stay. Some stuff we even got to keep and take home. It made it so I could pack light and lots of our stuff was saved for when we got home!


We didn't have one. I just asked my nurses to walk me through every step of the way and double check with me about any decision. 


Hope you like!
I'm totally enjoying your labor & delivery questions so keep them coming!



Katherine Romrell

HAIR & MUA: Julie Holbrook of @HeadRushDesignsByJulieAnn
DRESS: SheIn via Amazon *Dress is Non-Maternity*


So.... 38 Weeks now!
Don't be fooled though, I was 32 weeks when we did this shoot.

This might be my last post during this pregnancy, as I am getting my membranes stripped this upcoming Wednesday. So what better way to go out with a bang than with this amazing maternity shoot done by Courtney G Photo! I am eternally grateful to her talent and for putting this whole shoot together, including the team that made me look super glam ;)

This post was a hard one to write. Like, I have a knot in my throat as I'm writing this and trying to put together my thoughts and feelings on this new journey we are about to embark on.  I've never been more terrified and excited. I've never been more emotional and humbled.

How did this happen to me? (I mean, we all know how) but "How?" ! In my first marriage, I struggled with infertility for years because of endometriosis. 

And one day my life changed. I am re-married and to my high school sweetheart/ love of my life, we are newlyweds, and not long after that, we are pregnant! 

Timing is a funny thing but it's also everything!

I had "prepared" my self for years as best as I knew and could and now I feel like I am so far from being prepared. I have this constant battle within me of "I'm gonna be the best mom and I won't accept anything less from myself" to "Nope, I'm gonna be an Okay mom, and that's reality".

I have a constant fear of the unknown, and what my life is going to be like after baby arrives, but then again I have never been so anxious for this moment.

I want us to be the most loving parents, best teachers, his guidance, his biggest influence, best role models, super heroes, his confidants, his rock, and the type of person he looks up to. I want to be the best version of myself for my son.

I am incredibly thankful for my parents and their example, as well as my friends and family and their example. I am so glad that my son will come into the world surrounded by those amazing people who have not only cared for us but influenced us for better.  Most importantly, I am blessed to have his dad as my forever companion.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has been so loving and supporting through these exciting times. Seriously, your love and friendship has been a blessing.