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Katherine Romrell



Remember how I was freaking out that my c-section got rescheduled from June 18th to June 20th? And I had a massive tantrum because having to wait two more days seemed like an eternity doubled? And on top of that, I didn’t want Leo & Luke to share birthdays (June 20th) even though we decided preemptively that they would have combined bday parties for the rest of their childhood?…. not sure why I get called complicated. 😂


Well let’s start from the beginning!
I was planning one last pool day with my GF’s before I went into labor, but I cancelled because I thought my water was leaking. So to be safe, Chris took me to the hospital to make sure. That was around 1pm. When we got to triage, I met the most “friendliest” nurse 🙄. She checked me and did the whole poke & prod dance but I was still super tight and intact down under. Back to the super friendly nurse, I can tell she thought I was there purposely for the wrong reasons and that I was just waisting everyone’s time (including my own) ….Pff. I’ll spare you a few boring details of how I thought she was being petty. So anyways, we get discharged, picked up Leo from school and go home. That was around 4:30.

Once we were at home, I started feeling contractions. It was around 6pm. And I thought to myself… “You’ve gotta be kidding me. We just came from the hospital”. My contractions started getting meaner as the day turned into night. Once it was midnight, my contractions were exactly 10 minutes apart, so I put on my BloomLife Monitor. (PS: At this point, I had no obligation to continue to use my sponsored monitor). My contractions started getting meaner and MEANER throughout the night. THESE contractions were INSANE! They were the kind that you gotta do breathing exercise during to make it through. Anyways, my contractions started to get closer together and lasted longer. So throughout the night, I went from 10 minutes apart…. to 8 minutes apart…and so on. At 6ish am, my Bloomlife Monitor read my contractions were 6 minutes apart and one minute long! I was like “…….Wait, I think this is labor!” So I called the hospital and asked:

ME: “If i’m scheduled for a c-section but start going into labor, do I just pre-labor at home?” (And I explained where my contractions were at)
HOSPITAL: “NO! If you’re scheduled for a repeat C-section and you think you’re in labor, you need to come to the Hospital right away, even if you’re in the pre-labor stages!”
ME: 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

We had our friend Ronnie Shalvis (hero) come over to watch Leo, so Chris & I headed to the Hospital!
We got to the hospital right before 7am. We head into triage, and the same nurse that saw us the day before was back on duty. She sees us and you can already tell by the smug look on her face that she thinks I’m back to play more games.
…………………..Cause you know, I was getting board of my king-size-memory-foam-bed and thought I’d change it up during the most uncomfortable time in my life AT an ungodly hour.

We get in a Triage curtain room, she hooks me up to the monitors and LEAVES. She did not check me down under and absolutely NO ONE comes in to check on me for 40+ MINUTES. 40+ minutes! I have proof cause I was texting my mom as soon as I got into the hospital, and then again, as soon as they said “She’s in labor”.
// PS: Bless my mom, she was on her way to the airport to catch her flight to me, as all of this was going down.//
My contractions started getting so bad and mean that I COULDN’T breath through them! So Chris opens the curtain to our room and says “Can we get a nurse in here, her contractions are getting worse”. Same lovely nurse comes in and says :

“I guess we should check you” in a very smug tone.
She takes a quick trip down under. She comes back up and starts to take her gloves off as she speed walks out of the room. Then I hear her say on the other side of the curtain: “We need to get the doctor up here, I think she’s in labor” ………!!!!!! Her voice didn’t sound so smug anymore. I mean… if there’s anything that I learned during Birthing Class, It’s that you have to be at least 4 centimeters dilated to be considered “In labor”. Mind you, I’m super livid and fuming on the inside at this point but too tired to fight her, so I was nothing but nice to that terrible nurse the whole time.

Next thing I knew, The doctor came in with a different nurse (thank goodness) and they started hooking me up to mobile wires and an IV. So it must’ve been just barely 8ish when they started rolling me out down to the O.R. We get rolled down to the O.R. floor and rolled into another waiting room. We had to wait another 2 hours because there wasn’t anyone available and I guess since I wasn’t crowning or immediately dying, it wasn’t considered an emergency. BUT OH MY GOSH, I wanted to pass out from the contractions and pain. No joke! We kept asking for an epidural but for some reason they kept putting it off. I take my hat off to women who purposely opt-out of the epidural and have drug-free vaginal births! They should be leading our Country !

So Fast-forward to those 2 hours, and they wheel me into the O.R. …Still no epidural.
They finally start prepping me! I hear rumors of my epidural coming in!
I’m still dealing with contractions and started getting the worst one yet, so a nurse in the OR comes over and grabs my hand and says
“Just hug me! Just hug me really tight and lean on me!” …. I’m bawling at this point. Then she starts trying to distract me by asking me questions…
Nurse: How many kids do you have?
Me: One!
Nurse: Boy or girl?
Me: Boy!
Nurse: And is this one a girl or a boy?
Me: Boy!
Nurse: Are you guys planning on having any more?
Me: No.
Nurse: Then this is the last contraction you will ever feel!
…and they stuck me with my epidural!!! 🙌



My doctor performed my c-section seamlessly and Luke Legend Romrell was born at 10:14am.
Lookie came out crying bloody murder! It was both sweet and scary! haha! With Leo, he didn’t make a peep the whole time. But Luke was too comfy in my womb and was not happy to be evicted. Seriously, He scream-cried at the top of his lungs for a while. After a minute he sounded like a rabid cat. I sent Chris to keep him company cause I felt so bad that nothing was calming my new baby and obviously I couldn’t do much while strapped to the OR table. Chris headed over to Luke and starts shouting out Luke’s stats! “Holy cow babe! 8lbs/ 11oz! He’s a big boy”!

Then Chris brought him over and cuddled him next to me so I could get a good look at him! He was so big, pudgy, swollen, and had my heart immediately! There was just no more room for him in my womb. I wanted to just kiss on him so bad, but I was still strapped to the table! haha! ♥️



So I think I thoroughly expressed to everyone (till we were all blue in the face) How scared I was of surgeries and C-sections! It was never in my plans with Leo and I wasn’t in love with the possibility of having another c-section with Luke. Honestly, my c-section experience and postpartum depression with Leo scared me straight into never wanting to have any more kids. And as it was all coming back, the fear in me was so big, that I felt the need to turn to God and put all my faith and trust in him.

I feel insanely blessed for all of the support I received throughout this and I’m thankful for everyone who held my hand even from States away! A huge shout out to my little sister who came and stayed with me during the worst time of pregnancy and when Chris was filming in Thailand! My sweet cousin Suzy, who is a nurse (but lives in Utah) who would put up with all my crazy questions and talked me through my irrational fears of surgery. My friend Kim Weinreb who has a cushy palace waiting for her in heaven because she is the most giving, selfless, and service oriented person I’ve ever met, and was basically my person throughout this entire pregnancy; specially during all the other times Chris had to travel. She spoiled me good (and she was the one who threw me the adorable SuperHeroes Baby shower). My friend Michelle Southam, whom sent me the most empowering email ever, right before I went into labor. She titled it “Your beautiful brain” and reminded me of the power that our brain has, for good or bad, and how it can rule us or how WE can rule IT, and how us mama’s have such amazing spiritual gifts. (And I actually and literally read said email while we were in the waiting room before the OR 🙌). And of course, my amazing and wonderful husband who gave me a blessing right before I was wheeled off to the OR.

I’m about to get really personal, but I want to document every detail so that I don’t ever forget how it all happened.

During my first c-section, there was two points in time where I lost it. When I was wheeled in to the OR, and when they put the oxygen mask on me. My anxiety took over. This 2nd time around, while I was being wheeled off to the OR, I felt a little panic come over me, but then I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of calmness reign over me. I became so calm, that it felt like I was floating. Crazy, I know! Just no other way to explain it! Then once in the OR, when i saw the baby station (with the bed warmer and monitors) another dose of overwhelming calmness and confidence came over me. I just felt such a positive and spiritual energy in the room right then. I felt so close to Luke, even though he was still in me, and I felt so close to God and my loved ones who have passed on. More specifically, my sweet grandma who passed earlier this year. I truly felt like they were in the room with me, watching over me, and had my back at this exact moment. It was such a unique feeling and experience and I’ve never felt anything like it. ♥️

Luke Legend on the left and Leonardo Atlas on the right.

Luke Legend on the left and Leonardo Atlas on the right.



My recovery was off to such a good start this time around. I didn’t feel the massive shakes you get after labor & delivery. This 2nd time around, I was walking as soon as the 24 hour wait was up. Granted, it was the silly hunched-over grandma walk, moving at the speed of a sloth, but it was a huge win for me. With Leo, I did get the terrible shakes and it sent me into a full panic. They had to sedate me and I don’t remember much, other than just waking up in the recovery room. AND I had not gotten out of the bed till day 4! So… winning!

A few hours later, Chris left to pick up my mom from the airport, and Leo from school! It was such a great feeling to see my mom walk through the door! And this was the moment that Leo met his brother Luke!
Mom & Chris took video of it and I’m so glad this little moment between Leo & Luke was caught. It wasn’t the best of reactions but it was real, and I could tell Leo was confused, curious, cautious, and possibly a little heartbroken. As soon as Leo walked in the room, he looked at me like “So this is who you’ve been spending your time with!?” Haha! His little eyes are so expressive. As the day went by, he became more and more curious of Luke and we were able to catch a sweet moment of Leo rubbing Luke’s head. ♥️



Katherine Romrell




Oh you guys, this week has been INSANE! Probably up to par with having been 34 weeks (now 35)!
I seriously thought this might be the week baby comes because I’ve never been in so much discomfort and pain! …I’ll get to that in a sec!

I don’t know if you’re the kinda crazy that includes God in their private conversations, But I definitely found myself doing that this week a lot! At one point, I was so irritable from pain & discomfort that I decided to stop everything I was doing and hop in a warm shower. (Showers & baths are magical for me).

I was having really mean contractions in the shower (Wasn’t wearing my monitor in the shower though, cause you’re not supposed to) and I just very seriously and matter-of-fact attitude exclaimed to God and said “Okay, either let this baby come out right now safe & sound or you need to make my body chill and make me comfortable like now. “ 😂😬… I was willing to get smitten for my sass too 🙈. Also notice, how I didn’t ask for more patience. Cause that’s a trap!
…. I’m going crazy!

Anyway, things escalated on Friday night. I was having irregular but mean contractions, I was having the WORST sciatica nerve pain I’ve ever felt in life, and I felt like I had been trickling liquid through out the day (very sporadically, but still). So finally I told Chris: “Pack your laptop, and let’s call our friends to watch over Leo cause we’re about to spend Friday night in the ER.

I didn’t think baby was coming, but something was off.


We get to the hospital, got admitted to L&B Triage, and they start running tests!!!
The staff was super amazing and accommodating.
Once they were done poking and prodding me, Chris and I popped out the laptop and started catching up on the newest Bachelorette Season and we just waited for the results to come back.

About an hour later the nurse comes in and asks me
”Have you ever passed a kidney stone?”
I’m like “nah”
and she says “Well it looks like you’re about to experience it !”

So! Kidney Stones!
That’s were all my latest contractions, the sciatica pain, and even the random trickling was coming from!

You guys….. Kidney stones are a Bi***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also din’t think the pain could get worse! My latest trips to the bathroom to empty my bladder, have been…. I don’t even have the words!
Scary? Fire? Horrible? Painful? … I’m scared to pee now, thats for sure.
It feels like my body is trying to get rid of something full-force but with no way out and you get mean contractions with it. Very painful & uncomfortable.

Apparently, Its super common to get kidney stones during pregnancy because of calcium build up. And the ironic thing is, Because my morning sickness was so bad the first trimester, I was lacking calcium, so I was put on calcium supplements starting the 2nd trimester….! Well it caught up! Haha!
This pregnancy has been a bag of tricks to say the least.

Anyways, after doing my research on kidney stones while pregnant, I read that the pain can get so bad, that it can cause you to go into labor! 😳 How crazy is that!!! I’m kinda hoping it at least moves the timeline closer cause I’M SO DONE!!!!! I’M DONE I’M DONE I’M DONE!



Here’s my data for this week! I’m thinking I’m gonna start wearing this baby all day long. At least during this Kidney Stone storm, just to be safe.

If you still haven’t gotten on the bandwagon of this awesome Pregnancy Tracker + Contraction Monitor, I’ll be the little push you need. This device has not only been helpful to understand my contractions, but it’s brought me a piece of mind to know the Length, Timing, and Rhythm of my contractions. I’m looking forward to see how this all progresses as I get closer to my due date!

Go to to rent your own device. Be sure to use my code to get 10% off your weekly rental: KAT10.












#Bloomlife #ad


Katherine Romrell


Alright friends! Remember how I told you I was playing with and reviewing this little amazing contraction monitor by Bloomlife? Well, I’m posting the data of my first week with it, and some thoughts! And if you need a quick recap of what Bloomlife is and does, click on my last post.

It’s been a fun week sharing my contraction party with you guys on my Instagram Stories and letting you in on my terrible habits of indulging on my sweet tooth late at night before bed too! haha! I blame the pregnancy!

Another quick recap!
-Im currently 33 weeks pregnant.
-Not planning on going into labor anytime soon.
-Most women start feeling contractions during 2nd trimester.
-Blooomlife is best used as pregnancy tracker and contraction monitor starting the 3rd trimester.



Bloomlife tracks your activity and contractions for you. It Shows when you’re getting a contraction in real time, How long the contraction is hitting you, and how far in between the next contraction. It also gives you a trend estimate of your contraction patterns and the average frequency and average duration. Pretty Awesome! Most nights I wore the monitor for an hour or two right before bed.

^Left monitor on overnight and had 51 contractions!!!! — Don’t worry, I didn’t feel them all and most weren’t that bad!

^Left monitor on overnight and had 76 contractions!!!! — Some I felt, and some I didn’t. Also 99% sure I lost my M-plug last night.


I was super skeptical at first…

So, like I mentioned before in my previous post, I was a bit skeptical about using this device. One, cause the other ones I tried, didn’t even come close to accuracy and advanced technology bloom-life uses. And two, because I don’t think I experienced many contractions during my first pregnancy! I did get lots of cramps, and lots of braxton hicks too, but no real contractions. In fact, I made it all the way to week 39 when my water broke and headed to the hospital, and even then I didn’t feel much. I had to be put on pitocin. So I actually wasn’t even sure I would experience some contractions during this pregnancy. But oh boy, YES I HAVE! And I’m so glad i’ve had this monitor to validate that! Some of my contractions have been down right mean and obvious, and other have been mild and questionable. And luckily that is all up to par with how far along I’m at right now. We still want baby to bake a little longer, right?!

Now I feel validated…

I feel like I can’t emphasize that word enough. During my first pregnancy, I felt like… a newbie. As does everyone else, right?! I was constantly questioning everything and second guessing everything. During this 2nd one, I’ve definitely felt more confident, and with a “This is not my first rodeo” kind of mentality. However, there are still things about pregnancy that are somewhat unclear, and every pregnancy is different, so when I first started feeling contractions, I was like “OUCH! I think that was one” and the fact that this little device can pick up on what your uterus’s activity, is very empowering.

Week two …

Now that we’ve started a new week, I’ll basically be doing the same fun experiment with my monitor. I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m kind of a night owl and I get started late at night. But you can catch the little snippets in my story for 24 hrs (you know the drill) and I’ll be sure to upload next week’s data too!

If you’re wanting to get your own device, you most certainly can. Be sure to use my code to get 10% off your weekly rental: KAT10.


#Bloomlife #ad


Katherine Romrell


Hello Pregnant Mommies!
I’ve taken the liberty of pulling you along with me on this journey I’m about to start for the next two weeks with Bloomlife!

If you’re wondering what BLOOMLIFE is, I’m here to tell you all about it!
Bloomlife is a pregnancy tracker (but not the kind you think) . It’s the first of its own and the world's first clinically validated wearable contraction monitor. YES! A contraction monitor! ….You thought I was talking about one of those phone apps, that all it does is track your baby’s growth week to week and compare your baby’s size to fruits, didn’t you? Haha! It’s okay, I have like 4 of those apps! BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT!

I’ll be honest, I’d seen this product circling around social media for a bit now but I was skeptical about it. During my first pregnancy, I had downloaded several “Contraction Monitor” apps on my phone (Emphasis on those quotation marks) but they were super confusing and you still had to count and time the contractions yourself! They were basically contraction calculators at best—That was very frustrating! How are you supposed to know that what you’re feeling is accurate when it’s your first?! Those apps didn’t even have a physical sensor to go along with and that should’ve been a hot indicator. Palm-to-Face!
Whatever! Hindsight… am I right?!

So along came this opportunity to review the product and here we are!
Another confessions though… I did try a session already…. without you guys! (Cue the guilty face) But I was insanely curious! And am happy to report that this thing definitely seems to work the way we want it to work! Before I dive into a few details of what my first session was like: I’m gonna get some Q&A’s out of the way, that I myself had!



Q: How does it read contractions and how do you know?
“Bloomlife is completely non-invasive and measures uterine activity with electrophysiology (the same technology used when doctors measure your heart rhythm with EKG).”
A: To view and keep track of your contractions, you download the Official BloomLife app. The app syncs to your Bloomlife device.

Q:What comes in the box?
(I was curios about this one myself, so I took a picture of the items inside. Just incase you’re a visual-being like me!) The box contains everything you will need: Bloomlife sensor, patches, sensor charging cord, and a quick guide. Pictured above.

Q: Can Bloomlife tell you the difference between Braxton Hicks and real labor contractions?
A: Yes & No

”Bloomlife detects all uterine muscle activity including Braxton Hicks. It cannot, at the moment, classify Braxton Hicks vs. labor contractions.” [However, this is NOT A DEAL BREAKER because…] “the contraction pattern bar allows women to quickly see regularity of contractions.” [Irregular = Braxton Hicks / Regular = Labor Contractions.]

Q: Do I have to wait till I’m in active labor to use it?
A: Nooooo.
Definitely don’t wait that long because by that time, you will most likely need to use your own hospital’s gear. You can start using BloomLife when you hit your 3rd trimester. “Bloomlife works best as a preparative learning and connecting tool in the weeks leading up to labor.”

Q: Will it tell me when I need to go to the hospital?
A: “Bloomlife does not notify you when it is time to head to the hospital. Rather it helps you decide for yourself whether or not you are in labor based on contraction regularity and timing. Women and their partners use the data to make more confident decisions and/or facilitate the conversation with their care team.”

For more Q&A’s go to



Alright, so my first session was really cool.
I decided to try it out at night, once Leo was in Bed and Chris and I were getting into our couch & netflix routine. Usually at night is when I feel more activity on my uterus anyway. I think that’s the norm for most women?!

Also, I think that you should treat your first session with a little patience. I used it for two hours and the 2nd hour seemed to have more accurate readings of what was going on. Braxton hicks vs Baby Movement! Yes It can sense your baby moving too! Double cool!

After each session, it gives you a summary of your contraction trend!
I had 7 within those two hours! And I can confidently say they were contractions. Irregular contractions but none the less, they were contractions! It records what time you got a contraction, how long it lasted, and the minutes in between the next one. It does it in real time too, so every time I felt a contraction, I looked at my app and sure enough it was recording one. I feel like Im geeking out right!

So what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks is recording a bit of my session everyday and sharing it with you girls!

If you just can’t wait to get your own: Use my code to get 10% off your weekly rental: KAT10.
If you want to experience it through me first, I’ll see you in my stories!


#Bloomlife #ad


Katherine Romrell

[5 Weeks Postpartum]


So i've thought about what to write for this post longggggg and hardddd. To this day this is one of the hardest and most intimate posts I have ever written. Before we get into the deets, I need to give my husband a shout out. I don't know if you can tell, but … I’m pretty awkward at the beginning of this shoot. I was so nervous about photographing my PP body but boy did my hubs cheer me on and made me laugh!


Today I want to open up about two tricky subjects! Weight and PPD!



I am currently 6 weeks PP. 
Before pregnancy, I weighed somewhere about 109 lbs. The last week of pregnancy (Week 39) I weighed 156 lbs.  During my postpartum stay at the hospital, I went up to 162 lbs because of a weeks worth of IV fluids.  So I gained a total of 44-51 lbs! I am currently weighing 131 lbs. 

Why am I talking about weight?
After THIS post and THIS post on Instagram, I received lots of sweet compliments and how great I was already looking after having a baby. Ironically this made me feel a little bad. Not because of the compliments --Those are always nice! But because I felt like I wasn't living in the same universe. What was going in my head did not reflect what I looked like on the outside. AT ALL. I think that it’s important to shed light on the behind the scenes of PPD, because maybe I’m not the only one being hard on themselves behind closed doors. I want to clarify that in those pictures, I am wearing a waist trainer underwear and it definitely helps that my Agnes & Dora leggings are form-fitting and tucking my PP bump.

I know what it feels like to feel like a stranger inside your body! I cried everyday during our week-long stay at the hospital when it was shower time! I would just stand naked in front of the mirror and wondered how I was going to get my body back! I would love to take the high road and say how I don't care that I gained weight and that my new found curves make me feel more like a woman. Nope. Weight has been a contributing factor to my PPD and If you feel this way, you are not alone!



Everyone tells you that the beginning of motherhood is hard and it's an adjustment but that you JUST LOVE being a mom either way ! I did not feel like that right away. In fact, no one said just how HARD it was going to be at the beginning of it all.  I wish someone would've talked more about the hard part so that I didn't feel crazy or like a bad person and a bad mom.

I'll cut to the chase. I did not feel like hurting  my baby. However, I did feel like...

  • I had zero routine which drove me insane.  Nothing went as planned. 

  • I did not feel that magical connection I felt with my baby when we were at the Hospital.

  • I felt like I was not cut out to be a mom.

  • Leo was better off with a different family.

  • I wanted to disappear and hide from the world.

  • I was scared of anything and everything.

  • I felt like I was a crazy person in a white room with no windows or doors.

  • I LOATHED my body!

  • I felt like I was not in my own body because of pain, weight, and recovery.

  • Though my husband is not just help, but a great dad and super supportive, I felt alone.  

  • There was times I thought about jumping in Front of a moving car because I felt like I wasn't good enough to be a mom or a wife and that I was going crazy.  

At one point, I felt sooo manic, I told Chris; “I don’t know how but, I feel like we’re gonna end up in the news”.
At that point, my husband said it was time to get help for PPD! Smart move, babe!



With anxiety and PPD overload, My OCD was out of control! I felt really scared to talk to anyone about this, specially because in my culture, (Venezuela), depression, anxiety, and OCD are all things that aren't in the realm of possibilities unless you're psycho-killer-crazy. 

The worst was getting asked; "Don't you just love being a mom?" "Yes!" …But no.
How can I explain?! I never not loved Leo. From the minute our little boy came into this world, I have been obsessed with him and have loved and adored him. But no, I did not LOVE being a mom the at first. Cue the guilt. And when I explained my experience, I would get the typical follow up question "But wasn't he so worth it?"..... My son is worth more than you will EVER know but NO I would not want to go through our horrible labor experience and those crazy weeks ever again. Baby Romrell #2 has been postponed for Summer 2026.

Hating my labor, my new body, and my new mom experience had nothing to do with my love for my son but it seemed like a lot of people didn't know how to separate the two.  This just made me resent myself even more. 

I also felt guilt because of all of the negative thoughts going through my head.
I’d been waiting to be a mom for so long (previous marriage included). My ex husband and I tried for years nut both struggled with infertility. Him, for his own reasons which I won’t disclose out of respect for him. And me, because of endometriosis. So how dare I feel anything but grateful that this moment finally came. This went on in my head for too long and the crying continued everyday (EVERYDAY) for weeks! How did Chris not leave me? 

I know that the way my labor & delivery went down probably put me at a bad start. I labored for almost 30 hours, plus had an unexpected and very unwanted C-Section, plus a few panic attacks before and after surgery, plus a major cold afterwards (Read about my labor HERE). Then there’s that major hormone drop after giving birth. And top it all off, once we got home, I got a UTI and Mastitis TWICE. Add a colic-acid-reflux newborn baby to the mix.....We barely got sleep!  Don’t know how we’re all still here.

At times I felt so overwhelmed that I would forget to eat. And trying to find time to do that between nursing, and pumping made it even harder to eat.
I used to make fun of moms that would say that! Like..... HOW do you forget to eat? 
But t's true! You do! Serves me right for thinking that.

We are living proof that lack of sleep and lack of eating makes you crazy. I have found my phone in odd places like the laundry hamper, the pantry, and my favorite... the dishwasher! One day, Chris came back from work and left our car running for 8+ hours! Now I know how parents accidentally leave their babies in the car! ITS BECAUSE OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION.



  • Postpartum can start as soon as pregnancy!!!! Like before you give birth!

  • Reality of being a mom will most likely not kick in until you leave the hospital and are no longer surrounded by the help of doctors and nurses around the clock.

  • If you feel PPD after 8 weeks, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have chronic depression, it could just mean that you still have a hormone imbalance.

  • PPD is more common than you think!

  • PPD doesn’t always mean you want to harm your baby.



For those of you going through a similar experience to mine and reading this, I want to end this on a good note for you. It does get better!

My husband studied Psychology, so I like to think that he knows a thing or two. It really helped that he was educated on how the body and mind work, and it also helps when you are able to recognize that your emotions are heightened because of your hormones. That DOES NOT mean that what you're feeling is not real, nor that you are crazy, nor that your feelings shouldn't be validated because you're "hormonal". They are very real. Whether or not your feelings and behavior would be different without the extra hormones, what you are feeling now is real to you and that is okay! I know, you normally wouldn't be easily bugged, on edge, or cry-me-a-river super sensitive at all times. It's all because of your hormone imbalance due to giving birth and part of your body regulating itself after stocking up on sooooo many hormones to help cook a baby. 

Mom life truly is so sweet! You may not feel like it right away and THAT IS 100% OKAY AND UNDERSTANDABLE. Don't let ANYONE tell you differently. I WILL punch them for you. It might take you weeks or even the whole first year! I can't say that my PPD has absolutely gone away but after getting help, I have started to feel a little bit more like my old self again and started to feel like we can all survive this. I feel like that beautiful connection with Leo back when we were the hospital has come back and growing bigger and stronger everyday! And little milestones like leaving the house for the first time on your own and with baby are things to be proud of all the way!

From here on out, we are new women. There is real empowerment to being a mom and you should own it. Don't let ANYONE make you feel inappropriate, inadequate, or wrong about your choices and your parenting style.  So long as your child is healthy and you are sane, that is ALL that matters. 

I am so grateful for such a loving husband who already surpassed my expectations of being a dad! I am thankful he educated himself on PPD before the baby came and has been supportive and understanding of my crazy. I am truly grateful for supportive friends who let me open up and not judge me, because this is vital to help you come out of that PPD cave. And I am eternally grateful  for all the love and help we have received from everyone through this new journey!