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Katherine Romrell


4 Years ago, I started & founded a blogger network In Utah called Utah Chic Bloggers!
Well, after 4 years, lots of growth, an online magazine, and 700+ plus members, I finally hosted a party for my network! It was pretty much one of the best & funnest nights ever! 
A huge thanks to:








Katherine Romrell


AUGUST 14TH, 2015

DRESS DESIGNED BY: Reem Acra | REPLICATED BY: Somewhere in China
WEDDING SIGN: Kim Hoffmann
LASHES: Sirene Lash
HAIR: Seasons Salon
CHRIS'S SUIT: Combatant Gentlemen


You guys! Where should I begin?!
Our day was truly perfect! From beginning to end and every detail in between was amazing!

Getting Ready

We scheduled our wedding ceremony to start at 5pm! Which made the anticipation crazy! Forget butterflies, I had a parade in my stomach all day long!  However, I had the whole day to pamper and be pampered! I started with yummy breakfast with my family, then I went to get my nails done with my sisters, went to my hair appointment, went back home, started getting ready, and my mom did my makeup. It was perfect!

The Ceremony

My dad picked me up and drove me to the ceremony spot: The Provo Orchards! We were jamming to
ColdPlay on our way there and more specifically: Sky Full of Stars (the stars aligned for this moment).

We arrived at the Orchards! We lined up to walk down the isle and our song started:
Come Away With Me by Norah Jones Instrumental/Piano Version! Yup I walked down the Orchard isle to that song! We've always had a sweet spot for Norah. 

The only thing I wish I would have done differently was having Chris face his back to everyone until I got up there so that *I* could see his "First Look" Reaction but his face was still pretty priceless when I looked up!

We started at 5:30 and the ceremony was done by 5:45! When I said we wanted a very small, private, and short wedding... We were not kidding. We asked our bishop to go straight to marrying us and he did! It was the best! Seriously, no regrets!

Oh yeah.... our wedding arch tried to blow away, so our dads stood up and held it down throughout the rest of the ceremony. NBD!

Right after the ceremony & hugs, we started family pictures and then bridals. We were done by 7 and off to dinner!

The Wedding Dinner

We celebrated our wedding at La Jolla Grove, Provo Utah. It is one of my favorite restaurants so we booked one of their private dinning rooms. After dinner, Chris and I had our first dance right then and there. Our first dance was to Northern Wind by City & Colour.  

After our first dance, we had cake!!! We were so excited about this. We requested our awesome cake artist a white cake with raspberry frosting and Dulce De Leche filling! She said she couldn’t make any promises but that she would try her hardest and just surprise us either way! When we cut our cake, it had Dulce De Leche filling! I guess you can say, this was the equivalent of a Gender Reveal Cake to us !!! We were thrilled! And it was truly so delicious. Ugg I can still savor it.
.....It's the little things!!!

After cake, we were off to a weekend in Salt Lake to kick off our honeymoon before we left to St.Croix, Virgin Islands for A WHOLE 2 WEEKs!


More Girly Details...

Where did you get your dress?
Okay this was the craziest hunt! I found the picture of my dress on pinterest and it all started from there. All I had was the name of the photographer. I had to stalk the photographer to find out who the designer was. Once I found the designer, I browsed her website. I didn't see the dress so I emailed. The dress was limited and sold out.........! So I had it replicated by CHINA! .....I know! Crazy risky and I heard all the many horror stories. Nonetheless this was the dress I wanted and it was still going to be a thousand times more affordable! And if it didn't work out as a wedding dress, it would have been a really cute photoshoot dress and I would have just taken a trip to my nearest David's Bridal!  

Anyways, I am a size 2 but I ordered a 4 just to be safe. When it arrived, it was just as I imagined it! It was beautiful and perfect but it fitted a tiny bit lose, so I got it altered! Ta-da!!! Got my dream dress!!!!! The best part:  my mom paid for my dress as my wedding gift! Cue tears <3  

Where did you get your flowers?
I got the flowers from The Flower Patch, Provo the day before! My awesome sister in law sat with me and helped put all-things-flowers together the night before.

I loved making our flowers! Because the wedding was going to be small & private, we were able to hire services for everything BUT I didn't want to feel disconnected from wedding planning and details so I decided that I wanted to make my bouquet. Rachel put together all other flowers, the wedding arch, and our paper flowers. That was all we wanted for decorations! I wanted the Orchard to be the real decor.

Where did you get Chris' ring?
I got his ring at Forge Jewelry. Terrible name. Amazing service. Even more amazing jewelry. His ring is a traditional band, comfort fit, yellow gold, with a gold brushed texture finish.


Thank you - Thank you for the love!
-The Newly Mr.&Mrs. RomRell


Katherine Romrell


AUGUST 14TH, 2015


OH HI!!!!
I am officially a Romrell and life could not be better!!!
Everything about our day was so perfect and I can't  wait to share details of our beautiful wedding, so in the meantime, enjoy pictures from our phones!

We are on an air plain right now on our way to our Honeymoon! We are heading to St.Croix
(In the Virgin Islands) !!!
You can follow along our adventure on our Instagram!

Kat: @poshbykat
Chris: @chris_romrell