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Katherine Romrell


So I’m doing this thing...
Let’s call it rebranding!
It’s also a bit of a re-focus.
I feel like it’s time for a change and it’s been a long time coming.

I started PoshByKat in my early early 20’s. Before blogging was a supper common thing and before it was referred to as “Influencing”. It all stemmed from the modeling career I had since my teens. Before IG was a thing, I had my own website where I published my portfolio Side fact: I was also a modeling coach. My online portfolio transitioned into a blog, my blog transitioned into a business.

In between, I started and created multiple sub-brands. A blogger network (The first in Utah) and I also started an online magazine, that I sold later on. Then I created side hustles; Website Customizations, Bath Bombs, MakeUp Artistry, and a Lash Business.

Needless to say, my attention was INSANELY divided and I got burned out. At one point, I even quit my blog for about a full year.

In the past 10 years you’ve witness my wins and my losses. I‘ve gotten divorced, re-married and become a mom. My husband’s career took off, and we’ve picked up our bags a handful of times to move or travel. I’ve learned, I’ve grown, and I’ve changed. Sometimes those growing moments were CRINGE-worthy, and sometimes my saving-grace. My 20’s was a WILD ride and PoshByKat was a HUGE part of that.

When I started PoshByKat, I was (and still am) obsessed with Victoria Beckham and everything the word “Posh” meant. I wanted to only wear dresses and gowns, and IF I broke from that, I wanted everything I wore to be high-end or look high-end. I wanted nothing short of perfection and manicured everything. What can I say? I’ve always liked the finer things in life. And while there’s NOTHING wrong with that, It didn’t reflect reality. I’m not saying I was fake, but I was focusing on an ideal instead of being organic.

As I’ve gotten older, I gravitate more towards natural and genuine content.
As you’ve seen in the past recent years, I love opening up about hard subjects and being more venerable.

So, with that said,
I’m rebranding to my name:
Katherine Romrell
And I’m re-focusing to old roots.

I’ve dissolved all my side hustles and as far as @theposhconnection goes, I’m passing the baton to my sister in-law @withlovefromkris. Kris will be rebranding and taking over The Blogger & Influencer Network and making it her own. She’s such an intelligent, beautiful, big hearted girl, and an incredible blogger & Influencer herself.

My beauty and lash business @theposhlashstudio will remain idle till further notice. (Sorry, friends)!

Lastly, I want to focus on the love I had for blogging. Blogging for the pure fun of documenting my thoughts and experiences and starting conversations. I want to invite you guys to be a part of those conversation too.

I want to strive to be more transparent.
I want to expand my horizons without being afraid of failure.
I want to focus on being unapologetically me.

We're Pregnant! Again!

Katherine Romrell

Photography Courtesy of @adamjlytle


We’re pregnant! 
I still can’t believe it!
I’m gonna be a mom of 2 human beings and We’re gonna be a family of 4!!!!   

Anxious mess is what i would describe myself as since finding out!!   
That last picture, perfectly describes how we’ve all been feeling about this.

How did we find out? 
Ha! This is a funny story!   I was sure there was something wrong with my thyroid cause my hormones had been acting out of whack! For the past couple of months, I’ve been breaking out like crazy, my hair has been super brittle and thin, and it’s been hard to shed weight. All those symptoms have been more prominent recently. I don’t think it helps that I always borderline on the side of anemia.  So I went to the doctor to get my thyroid checked and got blood work done!   

The doctor said they’d call me the next day with my results.   

That night, i had a nagging feeling to take a pregnancy test! So i did!
The pregnancy test had a very bold line and a VERY faint 2nd line. I couldn’t tell if i was just seeing a shadow of where a 2nd line would be. So i took another one. And another one. And another one. I think i took like 5 that night. And i made Chris take one for comparison.
Chris’s only had one line and no shadow. Thank goodness 😅😉.
But all of mine had a SUPER FAINT 2nd line.    

I started panicking. I literally felt my sugar drop and i had to sit. And i just kept saying:
“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...”
meanwhile Chris was just giggling with excitement!
We basically swapped places from the first time we found out we were pregnant.    

So after Chris eased my anxiety. We went to sleep. Correction; he went to sleep!   

A part of me was excited of the possibility. And the other half was just panicked. I wasn’t mad at any point. We’re adults, and we‘re very aware of the consequences to our actions. Plus, I kinda knew there was a huge possibility of this happening since we had been making up for lost time from Chris’s trip to Berlin.
More about that here; Part One and Part Two.     

So. I wasn’t mad. But had it been up to me, I would have wanted to wait maybe one more year, and i have a list of reasons why a one-year minimum sounded good. But then again, there’s never a perfect time to bring a child into the world. 🤷🏼‍♀️.    

The next morning, I woke up to a call from a nurse. She said;
“Kat, you’re blood work came back just fine... but... congratulations you ARE pregnant!”    

Holy moly. Let that sink in. I’m pregnant.


Katherine Romrell

Leonardo Atlas Romrell
Born June 20th at 7:40am
8lbs/ 1oz/ 20 Inches Long
Labored for 28 hours + a C-Section.


We are officially parents!
I am so excited to share Leo's birth story with you and answer all your questions! CAUTION:
I am not sure what counts as TMI on labor & delivery subject, so just know, you might run into some TMI! 



This whole day started on Father's Day!
I was exactly 39 weeks and it was 3am ish and I woke up because my water broke! I ran to the bathroom and I wasn't sure if it was my water or pee but after it happened again within a couple of seconds, I just knew it was my water. I ran back into our room, and I said to Chris, "Babe my water broke" and though he was dead asleep, this woke him right up and he asked "Really?!" and I was like "Yup" ! We both started giggling frantically! We were so excited!

As per what I learned in my prenatal class, I was fully prepared to labor at home but since my water broke, we headed straight to the hospital. PS, I may have made myself a bowl of cereal before we left to the hospital. 

We got to the hospital at about 5am and I had maybe 3 contractions on the way there. Once I was admitted, I stopped having contractions and was only a finger tip dilated. At around 7am, my doctor came in and put me on pitocin because I was literally not having any contractions  and had only progressed to 1cm dilated.  The pitocin definitely gave me contractions!!!! I labored as much as I could and for several hours without an epidural. I tried to sleep a little and even had a warm bath provided in my labor room.  This made the pain a bit more bearable. Once my contractions were 3 minutes apart, my doctor came in again and asked me why in the world I would not take an epidural?!// In my prenatal class, we learned that an epidural would slow down labor and since I was already moving at the speed of a turtle, I didn't want to delay it even more.// My doctor explained that, it would only delay it if I was progressing on my own but I wasn't. So I was like.... "What are we waiting for? Bring me that epidural!" After the epidural, I was able to get real sleep and then it was all a waiting game from there! Our parents and siblings filtered in and out the whole day. It was really nice to have them keep us company and keep us distracted.

At around midnight, I had dilated to a 4. It only took 21 hours and the maximum dose of pitocin! TWICE!  At around 3 am the next morning, I had dilated to a 6 and started getting a fever. So the nurses did everything they could to bring my fever down. I stayed at a 6 for 4+ more hours ...So 28 hours after my water broke. At around 7am, my doctor came in the room again and said it was birthday time and that a C-section was the way to go. They said they would come back for me in an hour but they came back in 20 minutes and prepped me immediately. 

I was DEVASTATED! I started crying! I was way crushed. This was not the way I pictured one of the biggest days of my life and no amount of Grey's Anatomy binge-watching prepared me for this turn of events. I wanted to experience vaginal birth more than anything and more than anything I am scared of surgeries.
They took me in the OR and as soon as we entered the OR I started having a panic attack. I wanted to jump off the bed and RUN. They star prepping, putting me on the OR table, etc, and then the put the oxygen mask on me. And for some reason ,that made me loose it again. I remember the male nurse who was in charge of my oxygen saw that I was panicking again and he just came down to my level and started rubbing hair. That was a very nice gesture from a complete stranger. Chris came in the room shortly after and right as they took the baby out. Somehow the nurses thought he was in the room until I asked, "Where is my husband?" and then someone ran out to get him. Close call !!! 



Leo did not make a peep. I didn’t even know when they took him out of me.
Once they did, the doctor held up Leo Lion King style and showed him to me.
I will never ever forget the first time I saw that cute little face and those big dark blue eyes! He was scrunched up like newborns do, his head tucked in the doctor's chest, his little hands already in his mouth, and he was looking up from the side and I saw his beautiful face and his beautiful eyes. Just thinking about it now makes me tear up! They wrapped him up and put him in my arms. The whole time I was holding him I kept thinking;
                   "We made you! We made you!” 

I was surprised at how big Leo was! And even though Leo was born through C-section, he had a cone head! The doctor said that Leo was obviously in the birth canal for a very long time, and his size is what made me stopped dilating! Doc said, "By the size of you Vs the size of your baby, there was no way he was going to come out any other way"! 

Unfortunately, I couldn't hold him for long because I started shaking uncontrollably from head to toe. The anesthesiology informed me that he would give me morphine and that It would make me shake a little but my body LOST control. Soon the shaking made EVERY MUSCLE in my body hurt! Chris was trying to comfort me by kissing me but I kept telling him to just hold me really tight and use his body weight to hold me down so that I could stop shaking. Im pretty sure that at one point I yelled at a nurse to let me have water cause I was so dehydrated, it felt like I was choking. This made me go into panic mode again and started hyper-ventilating so they had to put me on oxygen again. The nurse gave me a 3rd set of drugs for the shaking and then I was out. I don't remember much after, just being transferred to the Mother & Baby recovery room! 



Once we were in the Mom & Baby wing, the chaos slowed down a bit. We stayed in the hospital for a week because I got a really bad cold which delayed all the milestones of progression my doctor wanted to see before he sent us home.  At one point, I weighted more than during pregnancy cause I had to have an IV on me the whole time.  

We are still a work in progress here and recovery has been.... not what I expected. But we are so so so incredibly in love with our little boy and we feel so changed. Having a baby introduces you to a new kind of love and I don't care to know what life without him would be like. We are so blessed with Leo and so thankful with everyone's love and support!

PS: Shout out to my sister-in-law, Rachel! She was our photographer and she stuck with us the whole time and even slept in a chair to make sure she would capture one of the most important days of our lives! I love her!



Where did you deliver?
American Fork Hospital. I definitely recommend this hospital if it's close to you! Such great staff and service!

Were you able to snack?
Kind of. I was able to have water, broth, light soda, juice, jello, and Italian Ice. And it doesn't matter how much you try to bribe the nurses, they wont give you real food.

What does water breaking feel like?
It literally feels like water is coming out. It does not come out the same place from where you urinate. It comes out from where your monthly comes out of. At the end of my pregnancy, I wondered a couple of times if my water had been leaking or breaking. Know that if you are wondering, it's probably not it, cause once it happens, you will have no doubt. Also, know that only 1 in 10 women experience their water break on their own. It's not a rule like what you see in movies. 

What do contractions feel like?
They feel like my period, only timed, but I have endomitriosis.

Are contractions and endomitriosis cramps really similar?
Yes. For me they absolutely were. The only difference was that during labor, the cramp/contractions were closer together and non-stop. 

Did you feel anything with an epidural? Nope. My legs went absolutely numb and I could feel pressure when I had a contraction but no pain. It wasn't till the very end that the epidural started to loose its effect, but I was on it for almost a whole day so it's to be expected that the epidural starts to loose effect no matter how many times you click that little button. 

Did you feel anything during the C-section?
I felt lots of pressure and I felt things being moved around, but you do not feel pain. 

How much weight did you gain?
I started at 112 lbs.  
The last week of pregnancy ( Week 39) I weighted 156 lbs. 
During my postpartum stay at the hospital, I went up to 162 lbs because of a weeks worth of IV fluids.  So 44-50 lbs!
3 weeks postpartum, I weigh 131 lbs.  

Did you get stretch marks?
Luckily I did not. I used Vaseline Coco Butter Lotion AND Coconut oil: Twice a day-Religiously-Throughout my entire pregnancy-From beginning to end. 

How big is your scar?
Big enough to make me cry. It really isn't big and it's super low. I would have to be wearing a toddler size-low ridding bikini for it to show, but I've never even had stitches and even though my incision was closed with surgical glue,  the look of it terrifies me!

What did you end up packing in your hospital bag?
I am writing a whole blog post on this just for you ;)



Katherine Romrell


W E ' R E    P R E G N A N T ! ! !

I have been trying to write this post for about two weeks and I have yet to find the words that describes how happy we are!!! This has been the best surprise we have received!!!
.....I'll start from the beginning!

We found out October 26th (5 WEEKS IN) !!! This has been the longest secret I have kept! 

We went into Urgent Care really late at night because, heavens I had been feeling awful !!! I had skipped a period, but I was lightly spotting and having one of my crazy severe cramp episodes! I have severe endometriosis! So I thought my endometriosis was getting worse!!!

The Receptionist, the nurse, and the Doctor all asked me "Any chance your pregnant?"
 ....ME: "Nope"......"Are your sure?"......ME:"Yup"....."Could it be an infection".....ME:"Could be. It could be cancer, but it's not a baby"...."Well lets run some tests!"

Why didn't you think you could be pregnant? If you are new to my blog: Hi, my name is Kat and I was married once before, and we tried for years and years with no luck. Doctors said I would need lots of extra help to get pregnant! #SevereEndomitriosis

So the doctor comes back in with a high brow and a hand on the hip and said:
...."So..... You are pregnant!"

Chris & I were IN SHOCK to say the least!!!! We were silent for a good couple of awkward seconds and then we started laughing! Then I turned to him and started crying like crazy! Like there was no stopping me! And the doctor said "We hope this is good news"!!! ........Oh Doc! YES IT IS!!!

Guys, when I say I was in shock, I mean it literally! I felt like I was going to wake up from a really good dream and be severely crushed! And this feeling lasted all night! So when we left Urgent Care, we went straight to an Open Late pharmacy and bought another pregnancy test!  And here you have it....

I am 9 Weeks and the official due date is June 26th ! 

 Telling Family and Friends: This was the best part!!!! We surprised our parents by giving them a gift that had a note that said "Coming Soon" and a tiny onesie inside!!! My mom and sister's reaction was the best! They started bawling, they were so happy. They knew how long I've hoped for this. Then, with most of our friends (the ones we could catch), we typed up a one sentence letter saying "You are going to be an aunt/uncle" and hand delivered it to them! Their reactions were just so cute! We also FaceTimed a lot of people and told them via that way!!! Lots of sweet moments!!!

Guys..... We are going to be PARENTS!!!!